Why Manners Matter for College and Careers

In Uncategorized on July 1, 2011 at 8:18 pm

In today’s society, many of us overlook the impact of the seemingly small things that we choose to do – or not do – in our daily interactions. The importance of having good manners is one of the things that we often fail to consider; however, when it comes to interviewing for college or a new job, being polite can make the difference between being accepted or hired – and being passed by.

Manners are the unwritten rules of conduct which demonstrate that an individual is considerate, respectful and well-behaved. They set the standard for behavior in a particular culture or society. While there is generally no formal punishment for behaving badly, the result of having bad manners is to be disapproved of by others. And this can be catastrophic when you are interviewing or giving an initial impression of yourself at college or in a new job.

Little gestures that show your respect for others will go a long way towards making you appear to be a socially acceptable – and therefore socially desirable – person. Simple actions such as holding a door open or letting the person with only one item go ahead of you in line, demonstrate to others that you are both socially aware and have the desire and ability to behave in a positive way. This in turn, will lead to social success.

From exchanging greetings and making introductions to saying please and thank you, the simple niceties are the basis of positive interactions. Displaying appropriate manners regardless of how you feel at a particular moment is important if you want to be successful in your career, college and social situations. While no one expects you to maintain perfect conduct at all times with all people, appearances do matter, and good manners will make a difference in how others perceive and evaluate you.

Choosing to demonstrate politeness and good manners is important in every interaction you have, particularly those at college or in the workplace. And exercising politeness can smooth over many awkward or uncomfortable situations in order to enable you to get along positively with those you live, learn and work with. Good manners can be an essential element of success in college and in any chosen career.