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Our goal at Winning STEP® is to offer you the resources you need to step up to your future. We will offer ongoing tips, links, news and updates for all of our Student Transition and Entry Preparation publications and programs here. Check back with us each month to see what free information we are offering!

Top 5 Career Planning & Entry Tips

  • Take time to assess yourself before you begin exploring careers and to re-assess yourself and consider new career options if you are re-entering the workforce or looking for a new job.
  • Explore your career options and potential career paths before making a final decision.
  • Decide on your personal goals before you set career goals for yourself.
  • You need basic academic, emotional and logistical readiness skills in order to be ready for job success.
  • The best job search strategy is to use more than one method when searching for a job.

Monthly Timeline Tips for College Planning & Applications

Click on one of the helpful links below to get information on upcoming deadlines and find out what college entry planning activities you should be working on this month. Then, check back next month for the newest installment of our college planning timeline!

The complete college entry timeline is available in our Comprehensive College Entry Preparation Guide

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