College Entry Planning

Winning STEP® College Planning Publications

Are you finding the college planning and entry process overwhelming? You can find everything you need to be successful in this important transition right here. We are proud of the research-based comprehensive college entry preparation texts we have created to assist you with planning for college and your future.

Our Comprehensive College Entry Preparation Program covers every step, from college search and selection through college and financial aid applications - and beyond, into planning for the actual move and adjusting to college life. We are confident that you won't find any other college prep text that is this complete. Just click on any college entry title below to discover all information covered in one helpful text!

Are you ready to take the Winning STEP® toward college entry preparation?

Comprehensive College Entry Publications

We are certain that you won't find any other college entry planning texts this comprehensive. Simply click on any title below to view the table of contents and discover all that is covered inside!