In STEP Coaching

In STEP™ Coaching provides individual support for students as they work through Winning STEP® Independent Study Programs. The goal of coaching is to empower students to become independent, life-long learners who can find personal and career success.

The In STEP™ Coach will:

  • create a timeline for the student to complete the program.
  • remind students of upcoming due dates and deadlines.
  • provide discussion questions for each lesson for the student to submit an email response.
  • point the student toward additional resources when needed.
  • offer encouragement, validation, and commendation for progress and achievement while also insisting on accountability.
  • create a communication plan for parent or guardian involvement.

Transitions are important times in the lives of students. Moving from middle school to high school, entering college, starting work in a new career, and coping with the challenges of independence after leaving home are all key transitions with very real perils, risks, and opportunities. Planning and preparation for these key transitions can make a substantial positive difference in the outcome of these transitions. Winning STEP® Programs provide comprehensive progressive approaches to college and career entry, college test preparation, and transition readiness, and are designed for independent study.

For those students who struggle with self-direction and productivity in an independent study context, In STEP® Coaching can provide the key support needed to increase the likelihood of successful completion. Consider adding In STEP™ Coaching to your independent study program purchase to boost student performance and program benefits.