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About Us

The Alliance for Career and Education, Inc. (“ACE”), a Maryland 501 (c)(3) non-profit corporation, specializes in providing Student Transition and Entry Preparation (“STEP”) for positive youth development. We encourage students to STEP up to their future with programs that prepare them to transition to independence. ACE offers Maryland educational enrichment courses that are research-based and focused on mastering specific competencies in order to achieve readiness to successfully enter college and careers.

ACE was established by the principals of Winning STEP® to facilitate the use of grants and donations to support the delivery of Winning STEP® publications and programs to economically disadvantaged students.

College, Career, and Transition Readiness Programs

In today’s challenging economic times, many students and young adults are uncertain about which educational and career path is best for them. Students facing the job market or planning for higher education today, more than ever, need knowledge and tools in order to create a plan for their future and find their path to independence and college/career success. ACE provides unique educational experiences to help students prepare for a successful transition from high school to college, careers and independence.

  • Transition Readiness Preparation
  • College Entry Preparation
  • Straightforward Strategies for SAT Success
  • Career Entry Preparation
  • STEPs to Success Seminars

ACE college and career programs can be delivered to students in Maryland and the U.S. through

  • Community-Based Organizations
  • Schools (Public and Private)
  • Internet-Based Independent Study

Customized Program Development

ACE provides customized program development for all of the college, career, and transition readiness curriculums that we offer. Each of our programs can be customized to specifically meet the needs of participants at all ages and grade levels. We also specialize in creating new curriculums. All ACE college, career, and transition readiness programs provide

  • Specific Competencies
  • Collaborative Team Approach
  • Ongoing Evaluation and Assessment
  • Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI)
  • Effort to Outcome Analysis
  • Accountability

The ACE Approach

ACE supports students through the Student Transition and Entry Preparation (“STEP”) process to prepare for College Entry, Technical Training and Direct Entry to Work/Military. Our goal is to aid all students in finding and following their pathways to success. STEP provides a logical sequence for students to explore career interests, set career goals, identify required post-secondary education or training, develop an Individual Career Plan and/or Individual College Plan (ICP), and achieve transition readiness to facilitate their future success in their chosen careers.

Alliance for Career and Education Staff

The founders of ACE and their associates have extensive experience developing, implementing and managing academic, college admission, pre-career, job readiness and job placement programs. All staff members receive ongoing training in current educational research and best-practice techniques. ACE staff are committed to providing career and college support for positive youth development.

ACE Programs' Research Basis

All ACE programs provide college and career lessons based on demonstrated best practices. Our curriculums rely on research in education and evidence-based approaches. ACE programs support the goals and standards of

  • Common Core Standards
  • Federal No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB)
  • National Career Development Guidelines
  • National Educational Technology Standards
  • Maryland Technology Literacy Standards
  • National Standards in K-12 Finance Education
  • National Standards for English/Language Arts
  • National Health Education Standards
  • National Standards for Arts Education
  • National Visual Arts Standards

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