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One of the best sources of information available today is the internet. For this reason, we developed our comprehensive STEP® (Student Transition and Entry Preparation) Resource Guide. We are offering this complete reference free on our website to assist students and adults with their college and career planning. Each section includes a helpful overview as well as tips for success. The text contains a helpful Table of Contents.

While this resource includes sites that were available and current at the time of listing, be aware that information on the internet is constantly changing. Always remember to practice internet safety and protect yourself when you search the internet. We cannot guarantee the accuracy or safety of any internet site.

You will also find that our college and career preparation Publications and Programs can be of assistance to you during this important time.

STEP® Resource Guide Free Online Version

Help us keep the STEP® Resource Guide up-to-date. If you find a link that is out of date and no longer working or discover a valuable free internet site that we haven't included, please Contact Us to let us know!