Winning STEP® Programs

Independent Study Programs

Comprehensive College Entry Preparation, to guide you through career decision-making, college search, major selection, college applications and essay writing; prepare you for the financial aid process and college interviews; and to plan for your transition to college.

Straightforward Strategies for College Testing, to prepare you to achieve your highest possible score on the SAT, ACT and other college tests by familiarizing you with the test format; providing you with strategies for answering each type of test question; and assisting you in improving specific skills.

Strategies for Addressing Test Anxiety, to help you to identify the causes and reducing the effects of test anxiety.

Comprehensive Career Entry Preparation, to guide you through self assessment and career exploration; assist you in setting personal, educational and career goals and planning a career pathway; develop your job readiness, job search, resume-writing and interview skills; and prepare you for lifelong learning and emotional & logistical success.

Transition Readiness Preparation, to reinforce your basic cognitive and academic skills necessary for college and/or career readiness and lifelong learning; enable you to understand and manage your emotions and relationships; and prepare you for addressing practical concerns including housing, transportation and finances.

In STEP® Coaching provides you with individual support via the internet for encouragement, accountability, reminders, and help with questions for any of our independent study programs.

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Programs for Schools and Community Groups

Winning STEP® offers our research-based programs to Schools and Community Groups. We are also proud to provide helpful free tools to Guidance Counselors and Teachers.

Maryland College & Career Direct Instruction Programs

Winning STEP® takes pride in providing Maryland area students and adults with our research-based college and career planning programs. If you would like to receive direct instruction in Maryland, simply Contact Us today for more information.

Customized College & Career Planning Texts and Programs

The specialists at Winning STEP® are pleased to offer customized curriculum and text development for schools, colleges and community organizations. Simply Contact Us today to discover how we can create the program that will fit your specific needs!